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Pump Manufacturer

The performance of an industrial pump is directly correlated with its innate capacity for effective material transference. As a highly experienced Chinese manufacturer of such devices, we have optimized our pumps for the heavy-duty processing of materials including mud, sump, slurry, gravel, and dredge. IMPURITY Pumps-your solution for high cost-performance starts here. The infusion of advanced technologies from both domestic and foreign sources allows us to design, assemble, distribute, and service industrial pumping equipment with great proficiency.

  • Service
  • Two phrases sum up our management philosophy: credibility-based business and first-class service. They also provide the motivation we need to keep up with the times and advance our achievements. To translate our philosophy into actions, we do whatever its takes to serve with responsibility and integrity, and get our job completed to a high level of customer satisfaction, with the goal of building a strong brand.
  • Business Partner
  • 1. Pangang Mining Company
    2. Kailuan Group Company Limited
    3. Weiqiao Aluminum Power Company
    4. Xibopo Power Station Company
    5. A Canadian Company
  • Application
  • 1. Metallurgy
    2. Mines
    3. Electrical Power
    4. Coal
    5. Dredging
    6. Petrochemical Industry
    7. Building Industry
    8. Flue-Gas Desulphurization in Thermal Power Plant